The Devil’s Double

So, I’m a little late on my “preview/review” of The Devil’s Double, since it’s out already and I watched it before it officially hit theaters, and well, I’m only getting around to it now. Don’t you love how the movie poster photo sort of depicts him as one of those metallic street performers you see acting all robotic for tips!

The film follows the true story of Latif Yahia, a man forced to be Saddam’s son Uday Hussein’s body double — which, unless you wanted to be in that circle, kinda sucks…and Latif pretty much had NO CHOICE but to do what they wanted. Overall, the movie was very interesting, insightful and gave me another perspective into that world. However, it was slow and didn’t ever really feel like there was a “high point” to the movie, sure there was action and drama, but it sort of fell flat…and this chick who played one of Uday’s many “lady friends” seriously annoyed me…LOL I kept thinking why does she make those expressions and talk like that?? haha! So, it was worth it to watch, but really my interest had been peeked when I watched the remix trailer my buddy Mike Relm did for Lionsgate… peep it below!

Iron Man 2

My bad ass friend Mike Relm was “commissioned” to create an uber awesome TV trailer for Iron Man 2!!! Mike and I have that Bay connection (so, I knew him when…lol) and I am always impressed by his work…to think it all started with 2 turntables, a mixer and some crates full of records – has evolved into so much more. Last night this OFFICIAL TV Spot for Iron Man 2 aired during Adult Swim.

According to Mike:

Jon Favreau spotted my Iron Man 2 trailer remix, he liked it enough to have me do this 45 second spot for television!

This is the original trailer he did…

I don’t even know if there is a genre, category or niche to put Mike in, but I think it’s most important to note his work all stems from Hip Hop and he is nothing less than amazing at what he does…he has mastered mixing, scratching & creating with music AND video!!

…so, a couple years ago when he passed through Miami on tour with the Blue Man Group, I featured him on Deco Drive.