Iron Man 2

My bad ass friend Mike Relm was “commissioned” to create an uber awesome TV trailer for Iron Man 2!!! Mike and I have that Bay connection (so, I knew him when…lol) and I am always impressed by his work…to think it all started with 2 turntables, a mixer and some crates full of records – has evolved into so much more. Last night this OFFICIAL TV Spot for Iron Man 2 aired during Adult Swim.

According to Mike:

Jon Favreau spotted my Iron Man 2 trailer remix, he liked it enough to have me do this 45 second spot for television!

This is the original trailer he did…

I don’t even know if there is a genre, category or niche to put Mike in, but I think it’s most important to note his work all stems from Hip Hop and he is nothing less than amazing at what he does…he has mastered mixing, scratching & creating with music AND video!!

…so, a couple years ago when he passed through Miami on tour with the Blue Man Group, I featured him on Deco Drive.

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