Doubt is a new movie based on the Pulitzer Prize winning play Doubt: A Parable, both directed by John Patrick Shanley. It’s a very intense drama that explores the subject of abuse in the Catholic Church. When I went to the screening, it was almost like sitting through mass! I really enjoyed it. The film had my full attention and just when you think you have it figured out, a little doubt might creep in on ya! After I left, it took a minute for me to snap out of it… The acting was great, and the film’s been nominated for 5 Golden Globe Awards! I was a bit apprehensive about interviewing Meryl Streep, but she’s a seasoned pro and very sweet! I couldn’t help but to reminisce about my school days at St. Patrick’s in San Jose, and yes Mom, I was listening when you told me stories about the nuns ripping your skirt hem when it was too short…I even told Meryl!

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  1. You got to interview Meryl Streep! So awesome…I bet she is as good as she was in She-Devil…love that movie.

    Congrats sis! xo

  2. Great energy and interaction. Streep is one of my favorites and always seems to choose the right script. Your interview made me want to see this film. Excellent work!

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