Universal Mind Control

Happy New Year! It’s the first of the month, the first of the year…and my first interview with Chicago’s own Common! I caught up with him at a Miami listening party for Universal Mind Control…really nice guy, and I LOVED that he took his time answering my questions and didn’t mind his “handlers” who were trying to rush me! Thanks to Claudia for the “FRESH EARS!”

3 Replies to “Universal Mind Control”

  1. Great interview. Looking forward to checking out Common’s upcoming roles in the movies mentioned. * Aubrey, you are naturale ~ do your thing Girl! * Happy New Year & God Bless, Tina

  2. Good job Aubs! I always look forward to your interviews. They are down-to-earth and constantly up to date. Much love.

  3. One of the best to do it, hands down. Common is proof that making music for the love of it is more important than chasing a dollar! 8 albums later, he’s in movies, tv, whatever you name. I’m happy 4 the guy and more entertainers should follow his lead.

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