I caught an early screening of FIGHTING today…and I was “fighting” to stay in the theater! The movie jumps right into the story and attempts to have a “deeper meaning,” but seriously it made no sense to me. The storyline seems choppy and you’ll be feeling like, “I don’t get it.” Channing Tatum is convincing as a loner street fighter, and they kept his dialogue very basic…while the way Terrence Howard’s character talks was driving me nuts! I did think the movie’s love interest was a pretty girl though… Anyway, fight-scene wise, they did throw a lot of punches, but I wasn’t particularly impressed with the way it was shot, but I did catch myself thinking “how the hell can you edit this stuff,” it felt like everything was moving around (the shot, the people), I think that editor must be cross-eyed now! lol Channing might want to stick to dancing, cuz this film didn’t “Step Up.”  I’ve never been to an organized street fight, but to me it all seemed so random, like they’d be  in a room and GO…start fighting, no matter if it was a nicely decorated living room, street or a fancy building! Cung Le (SJ represent) had the better fight sequence  in my opinion,  but why was everything about that scene so “Oriental”…ay yi yi. Honestly, the best part to me was when they took their shirts off to fight! ha So, if you take the time to go see this in the theater, just know the mind stimulation you’ll get is trying to figure out what is really going on.

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