The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard

So, because Jeremy Priven is a friend of a friend…well actually he’s a friend of two friends, but anyway…I got a call from him yesterday to come check out his new movie “The Goods” for the Miami screening.  I got an email, then a call, followed by a text…I felt “kida sorat special.” 🙂 Funny movie…sort of makes selling cars look attractive! haha I thought about my own trips to the car dealership to shop for cars, and as a female, we’re always worried we’re gonna get ripped off! The characters in the film are fun to watch and the movie makes for a nice “ride” (pun intended) and the comedic cast includes Will Ferrell, plus a couple of our favorite characters from The Hangover as well!


Right after the screening ended Jeremy actually came out and did a Q&A session with the audience, and it was insightful for me to hear what “the people” want to ask, because usually I am the one asking the questions! Anyway, I did get to speak with him briefly as he walked out of the theater, but it was like a “gang bang” with all the fans and their cameras and phones rushing him – sacurrrrity!!! So, I didn’t bother to get OUR picture and sorry GG…I didn’t get to talk to him about WWE Raw either…next time!

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