Garia Golf Car

I made a trip to SUPER HOT Las Vegas last week to check out the Garia Golf Car! It’s a luxury golf car…NOT “cart”…that’s 100% customizable. I had a great time taking it out for a ride and it was a nice, select group of golf savvy media (like me) hanging out!! Another Denmark export, NFL alum Morten Andersen was there for the test drives and his fellow countryman Rene Fris of Bravo’s Sheer Genius, turned out for the event as well!


They offered me golf lessons since I don’t golf…and it didn’t get much farther than the putting, but keep in mind…it was 110 it’s sort of hard to concentrate in that DRY HEAT!


Rene and I were both taking lessons…so I couldn’t help but ask this hair expert what he would do with my mane…he said he’d cut it! Figures!! lol

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