Picture Perfect

I recently did what turned out to be an amazing photo shoot with a “student” photographer India Jackson. She may still be learning, but I think she’s already very capable of hanging with the pro’s! We met through a mutual friend, she liked my look and asked if she could shoot some shots of me for her portfolio…I thought it’d be fun and I am very pleased with how fabulous the pictures look. Below are some shots form the shoot, I’ll add them to my gallery once I get the rest of the shots! Also, see a blog she wrote about me here: http://blog.indiajackson.com/2009/09/25/sexy-news-reporter-aubrey-aquino/

An “early morning” look…


India’s SHAPE Magazine “concept”…I’m definitely cool with that! 🙂

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A few other thumbnails from the shoot…

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  1. Whoever the guy is in the future who wakes up next to you in the morning is the luckiest man in the world. What better way to start off the day than to see your smiling face and to know the most precious person in the world only smiles for you. Wow… words can’t describe and clothes can’t enhance the beauty that radiates from you. You’ve stolen my heart. God Bless You.

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