Sherlock Holmes

I went to an advance screening for Christmas Day opener Sherlock Holmes… So maybe I’m just not that Sherlock Holmes “savvy,” but I found it to be sort of weird – I don’t know what other word to use! The film just starts with no real set up or lead in, and while the intention may’ve been to have an action-packed opening, I felt confused.

Overall the story seemed a bit forced, I was constantly thinking and trying to figure out what was going on and where the story was going! The acting wasn’t bad, Robert Downey Jr. played his part well and portrayed an interesting relationship with Watson, played by Jude Law…sort of hinting at a gay relationship!

The plus’ in this flick were some of the special effects, and the lovely costuming, since it was a period piece…but I’d say this isn’t a MUST SEE in the theater, it can wait til DVD! Rachel McAdams also pops up in the film as Adler, Sherlock’s “love interest.”

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  1. I am really looking forward to the new Sherlock Holmes movie, and can’t wait to see Jude Law acting in it! I see he is currently featured in an online game they have made to tie in with the film:

    Since the movie only opens in December, I’m going to get my fix there in the meantime.

    Thought you might be interested!

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