Cop Out, directed by Kevin Smith, is funny, witty and outright silly! It’s a lighter side of the “Die Hard” Bruce Willis, and Tracy Morgan is…exactly what we expect him to be, completely out of control and well acting a straight FOOL! haha And I mean that in the nicest way…some of the things that come out his mouth and how he acts…you just can’t help but “LOL!” At times, I felt like this was an action comedy a-la Beverly Hills Cop, but really it’s its own unique brand of ‘fighting crime.’

I think the movie started off pretty strong with a very memorable interrogation scene and hilarious dialogue, but a few things that struck me and I couldn’t get over them the whole movie. First, the story centers around Willis and Morgan’s NYPD characters trying to recover a very valuable baseball card, while also trying to get the “bad boys” and take out a drug lord. Well, the drug lord in Mexican and so is his entire gang….they had the WORST Mexican tattoo’s I have ever seen! Super cheesy “$$” dollar signs and one guy’s neck tattoo was just awful! haha I mean, maybe it’s because I’m from the west coast (San Jose) and being from the East Side, when I envision ‘Mexican’ gangsters, that’s NOT what comes to mind! C’mon I mean where’s the Old English and ‘Cry Now, Smile Later’ Jokers or the rose bud tats!?!? Okay, now I’m stereotyping, but seriously!?!? I won’t even go in on the ‘street’ accents, but when they said slang terms like Holmes, Vato and Cabron – uh, it just didn’t sound right to me, but I guess, the story and character’s are in NYC not Cali West. Viva la Raza! All I’m saying is tune into MSNBC on a Saturday night and watch “Lock Up” and well, that’s where they should’ve looked to for some authenticity! Anyway, being as this is a comedy and not some hardcore cops and robbers flick, I’ll forgive it. Second, Tracy Morgan is a complete fool as a cop, there is just no way his type of detective work could ever work in real life, but it’s hilarious for the film and Bruce Willis’ counter reactions to his crime-fighting partner make for the perfect balance in high pressure situations. Last, Sean Williams Scott pretty much steals the scenes he’s in with his “not smart” criminal ways, even cozy-ing up to Morgan while being taken into custody, and his comedy worked well in this movie, but it’ll have to be something new next time, since the tricks he used this time around, probably wouldn’t fly a second time.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie, the plot was pretty decent and there were plenty of moments that had me rollin’…I’d recommend people watch it, take it for what it is and just have a good time with it.

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