I watched an advance screening of AFTER.LIFE last night and the whole time I sat there, I couldn’t help but think…can I have my life back!? lol Seriously this movie was “killing” me, not only because it’s weird, but because the story tried too hard to make connections with all the characters. Basically, Christina Ricci plays a school-teacher who is killed in a car accident after running out on her boyfriend because she thought he was breaking up with her, when he was really trying to propose. Her boyfriend is played by Justin Long (I will forever see him as the “Mac” guy from the PC vs. Mac commercials). So anyway, then the story transitions to focus on that place in-between life and death… Liam Neeson is the mortician/funeral home director who acts very creepy and has a special gift to be able to communicate with the dead as he prepares them to be buried. Then, throw in a little boy  who was in Ricci’s class, whose mother looks like she may be dead, and he somehow has the same “gift” as Neeson, which is discovered when he starts visiting the funeral home to see about his now deceased teacher. Whew! So, the bulk of the movie centers around Ricci’s character fighting Neeson about if she’s really dead or not because she still can breathe and has tears… Meanwhile, her bf is guilt-ridden since he was the last person to see her alive and she left him in the middle of an argument!

I just want to know if someone can explain to me how they decided that Christina Ricci would wear a red silk dress for most of the film, as if that’s what she should be wearing as he prepares her body! I guess my issue is that it’s not really believable, but then again I haven’t ever experienced the “after life.” To be honest, I contemplated walking out on this movie just because it was super strange and didn’t make much sense to me. It was HORRIBLE, but I won’t be running out to see it again…EVER!

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