Sunrise Shoot

I did an EARLY morning sunrise photo shoot this weekend on Miami Beach for no reason in particular. My friend and talented photographer Ivan of Bluprint I.D. was in town from NYC, so why not take advantage of his skills and the lovely landscape here that I don’t take enough advantage of! haha I mean, I need new profile pics! JUST KIDDING!

At any rate, it felt so good to be up and about at 6am…and IN nature. The beach is so peaceful and breathtaking at that time of day and it felt good to be all up in it and watch the sunrise!

I also spotted these blue oval ‘jellyfish’ – I’m assuming! I had stepped into the water and around the shoreline, minding my own business and I saw these and freaked out! You never seen me run so fast…haha Ivan tried to say aren’t they just some type of oyster shell?? Then he picked one up and felt the jelly-like texture and didn’t push me to be in the water anymore…lol

Anyway, Ivan says we took some amazing shots…and the lighting was too good to be true! Below are a couple UNEDITED shots that he sent over so I could get an idea of what they lookin’ like. I will share some of the edited joints when I get them…but so far, I think I’m lovin’ the looks unreal! A lot of the pics I looked at on his cam..I said, “Is that me?” 😉


And this one, I don’t think it looks like me at all…what’s up with my puffy face!? As my girl Kimi said, “You look different…” However, baby sister Bologna commented, “…you look like Mom.” <<< The ultimate compliment!


At any rate, can you believe how vibrant the colors are and how the sky just pops in these UNEDITED pics!!? CRAZY…

3 Replies to “Sunrise Shoot”

  1. You look incredible. The last two pics you are either looking down or squinting. Not your fault. You look great and the pictures look great too. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

  2. I’m not surprised at the images at all. AA is STILL the most beautiful woman in Florida. Period! Nice work AA! Exotic AND humble.That’s lethal.

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