11 Replies to “Get It”

  1. Well i gotta say he all original and outstanding swagger. feeling the east coast universal style

  2. Get it Keb! If you haven’t heard of this man yet, it’s about time!! He’s the future of hip hop! No gimics, just raw talent and lyrical content! Not to mention he’s pretty easy on the eyes. It’s what the game needs right now! All my fellow independent ladies, you can’t help but love “Get It”.

  3. Keb, heck yeah man. Your one of the best peeps I know. When you get big, don’t forget about the Dream team ha. Digging the music, and glad your singing about some values. Def, gotta get a copy of the CD. -JT

  4. Kebba is amazing at what he does! He has a gift! It’s always a pleasure when you see talent recognize and acknowledge talent. You both keep doin what you do. GET IT!

  5. I see you Kebba, definitely a nice smooth track…and definitely giving the ladies the love they deserve!! Keep doin ya thing, everyday making moves!! With the ladies like the ones you mention by our sides there is no stopping us!!… Lets get it!!! Hit me up on twitter @mrigotoptions

    Lets let talk about all our ladies out there that know how to “Get it!!” We are proud to know you!!

  6. Thanks so much for all of the luv every1. The mixtape, “I Am Kebba” is coming next month and I promise that “Get It” will be on there, along with plenty more heat.

    Hit me up anytime @iamkebba.

  7. Clowns we do this; get another career…..Shout out the Nephew AKA Harlem Homie, Live and Direct from the D

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