C + K Wedding

10 12 2010

Yet another wedding…LOL I spent the past weekend back in the Bay Area for my good friend Carol’s wedding! I’ve known Carol since college and she even traveled with me to Australia years ago to visit my sister when she was studying abroad. Anyhow, she married her longtime boyfriend Ken in Gilroy and we went to a fabulous resort called Cordevalle for the reception…great setting and good food!

You may recall a few posts back when I detailed our Vegas adventure for her bachelorette party…well the fun continued at the wedding!

From the church to the reception…

I LUV these ladies…

…always posing for the camera…

BTW…this is my favorite photo from the wedding…taken by yours truly…




One response to “C + K Wedding”

10 12 2010
Yours truly... (12:39:32) :

thank you for the lovely photag and birthday wish! i’m glad i was awesome enough for it to be your favorite photo. are you sure it wasn’t the boys’ WTFug faces to why you have an affinity for this photo? tee-hee! love you lots!

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