Wedding Bells in Sin City

I just spent an extended weekend in Las Vegas forย my younger sister Adrienne’s neon-themed wedding – she the older of my 2 younger sisters! We weren’t on the strip, but in DTLV (downtown Las Vegas) and it was filled with fun festivities, true to the style of the couple we were there to celebrate. We stayed at the Downtown Grand Hotel which is a block off from Fremont Street, recently remodeled and very comfortable (and reasonably priced). We did head over to “the strip” for one night of table and bottle service partying, but everything else was within walking distance to the hotel, which was really nice. From the Container Park to Gold Spike, The Neon Museum and her post-ceremony venues of Le Thai and Commonwealth, it was the perfect wedding weekend. Many congratulations to my sister and new brother in law, may their marriage be blessed and filled with endless love.

Check out some of my favorite photos from our Sin City festivities…






vegas3 vegascontainer

Bride For A Day

I recently booked a shoot in a Miami, and my role was none other than as a “bride!” I have yet to actually be a real life bride and had never even tried on a bridal gown before, so I was looking forward to the experience. We worked on location in downtown Miami, and the scene was pretty simple, bride and groom in convertible…just married, waving goodbye to their guests, as they drove off into the sunset!

And — here is a photo with my entire “wedding party,” on set! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Be on the lookout for my “wedding day” image in print coming to nationwide displays at Mobil Gas Station near you!




Wedding of the Year

I headed back to my Miami stomping grounds this past weekend to take care of a few things and attend the “Wedding of the Year!” Where do I start?? First of all, Donovan and Jessica are a beautiful couple and they mirror each other as far as the guy/girl versions of themselves…so I was so excited to be invited to their wedding. And, I was thinking that because Donovan started working at WSVN, shortly after I arrived…and I introduced him to Johanna, when we all went out one night…and Johanna is BFF with Jessica… So, IF he technically met Jessica through Johanna..does that mean I’m THE ONE responsible for their paths crossing!!?!? Okay, maybe it’s a stretch, but I will take credit! ๐Ÿ˜‰


The ceremony was held at the Grand Beach Hotel on Miami Beach overlooking the ocean and the bridal party was pretty large, consisting of 12 bridesmaids and 12 groomsmen! The bride wore a beautiful ivory colored gown, which was designed and made by her mother…AMAZING! The clouds did look ominous for a while, but the weather held out, and despite being whipped by the wind, it was a flawless ceremony.


For the reception, we moved next door to the Miami Beach Resort into a beautiful multi-level ballroom with a huge dance floor in the center of the room. I had never even really noticed this hotel existed or even thought to go in, but the reception room was so elegant and perfect. They had comedian Benji Brown emcee (so you know it was laughs) and Prince Markie Dee held it down on the 1’s and 2’s….


So, one of my most favorite things about this event was the photo booth! The lighting was just so fabulous I had to go in 1, 2 , 3 …okay A LOT!! First with my Deco Drive partner in crime, Odette… then my 400 Life fam – Darrin and Adam….

meodette 400club

… and again with the “table 10” TV ladies – Lisa, Constance, Rene and ME!!


Our table was seated right next to the photo booth too….so that made it convenient! haha


And — here’s a pic of me and (bridesmaid) Johanna…remember my theory above!!? LOL


All in all…WEDDING OF THE CENTURY, but I didn’t expect anything less than fabulous from a couple who did a “music video” for their save the date!!

BTW…Jessica is a wedding and event planner, so if you want something fabulous, she is the GO TO GIRL —> Finally, I couldn’t resist posting some of the videos from the wedding….feel free to watch and get a small taste of what it was like to be there!! SO MUCH LOVE in that room!! <3


I’ve been a witness to BLISS. Last weekend I saw one of my dearest friend’s marry the man of her dreams and it was an amazing event to be a part of…


It was actually pretty eventful for me to get to the venue, because at the very time I needed to cross the Bay Bridge, it was basically shut down because of a person who was threatening to JUMP! Needless to say I sat in traffic for more than an hour, and when I finally could, I turned around, backtracked to take the San Mateo Bridge across the Bay! So, come hell or high water..I MADE IT to Half Moon Bay..I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.


For the dinner seating they did a movie theme…of course the happy couple was the “main attraction” with their self-titled flick “Lovers on the Run” ….SO CUTE! I sat at “10 Things I Hate About You.”


My homegirl Norma was me plus 1 and she met me there, and well, we took lotsa pics!

2011-06-11 19.24.50-1

The entire event was so intimate and cozy, with just enough touches, beautifully understated! They also had a FUN photo booth with props… Norma and I couldn’t resist to snap few shots…


Norma loved the Chevy’s sombrero…. and check us as the Jabbawockeez”

2011-06-11 19.49.49

C + K Wedding

Yet another wedding…LOL I spent the past weekend back in the Bay Area for my good friend Carol’s wedding! I’ve known Carol since college and she even traveled with me to Australia years ago to visit my sister when she was studying abroad. Anyhow, she married her longtime boyfriend Ken in Gilroy and we went to a fabulous resort called Cordevalle for the reception…great setting and good food!

You may recall a few posts back when I detailed our Vegas adventure for her bachelorette party…well the fun continued at the wedding!

From the church to the reception…

I LUV these ladies…

…always posing for the camera…

BTW…this is my favorite photo from the wedding…taken by yours truly…


Hola CABO!

I took my travels international this past weekend for one of my long-time girlfriend’s wedding celebration. I was one of her chosen bridesmaids and it was exciting to head south for this destination wedding…my first time going to CABO, MEXICO! There was so much going on, I didn’t take too many pictures on my personal camera, but here’s what I have…


So, I met up with fellow bridesmaid Carrie at LAX to fly into SJD, and after slight haggling with the “timeshare solicitors” at the airport, we arrived at the wedding venue hotel, Sirena Del Mar. It’s a pretty new hotel, under a year old (across from Home Depot) on the way to downtown Cabo. Aside from the lovely newness of the resort, we were greeted by a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean!

Imagine having THIS as your backdrop for a wedding ceremony!?!? NICE!!

A popular balcony/patio feature was the hammock..see Carrie and Amaya enjoying…

DSCF5444 DSCF5450

Then it was time to get ready…Maureen and I suited up in our dresses…I’m just tickled by the photo of our dresses on the hangers!!!

DSCF5446 DSCF5455

Then, I did Flower Girl Amaya’s hair… she loved it!


Maureen helped Riza get dressed while Jay ( took pics…


And — Carrie handled Riza’s, makeup… WHAT A BEAUTIFUL BRIDE!

Me and my wedding/WSVN partner in crime – Donovan

And the rest is history…CONGRATS to Riza and Ced…


Group shot >> WHOA Mexico! LOL


So, let me end this post with my last image of Cabo from the Pueblo Bonito Rose resort…King Neptune! ha


Okay, I won’t leave you like that, but here’s me on the beach in Cabo saying, “Adios!”

Love is Forever

A very good friend of mine, Miss Patty, married her longtime beau (16 years) last weekend in the Bay…a “Love is Forever” event…one of the reasons I made my trek home!


I’ve known the beautiful bride, Patty, for the past decade and she is such a smart, inspirational, wise and did I mention accessorized person!?!? And – she is my Raiderette sister…so you know this wedding was also a RAIDERETTE reunion!!!


It’s ALWAYS so exciting to see everyone and of course take lots of pix!!


There were lots of laughs….


…and plenty of dancing…the night away! Watch out now!! ๐Ÿ™‚


Love my girls… <3


And — at the reception there was an ice cream stand….we just couldn’t resist!! Caught (on camera) from the backside!! haha


Baby Sister

My baby sister Alison aka Bologna is getting her model on once again…

Isn’t she the best little mini-me? FYI…she hates when I say that! lol

TOO CUTE Bologna…the shots are beautiful!!!

Props to the photographer, stylist/designer and makeup!

To read more about Alison’s photo shoot visit Makeup Design by Michalea and to purchase the unique handmade accessories, go to Happenstance Designs