They’re billing this film as “The Bourne Identity” meets “Taken” … and you know what? It really is! For lack of better words, I REALLY LIKED THIS MOVIE! I always love when a plot is believable, something that could possibly happen in real life, not matter how crazy and twisted it may be.  The movie has a very intense car chase where I felt myself holding my breath and the fight scenes and other action sequences were perfectly shot, not too overdone or over the top! Liam Neeson is so perfect for these types of roles because he has that air about him of being smart, quick-witted and an in-control demeanor. The storyline is basically, he’s in love with his wife and they take a trip to Berlin for him to speak at a conference, but through a sequence of  mishaps, he ends up in the hospital and starts to question who he really is, because what he thinks is his reality…really isn’t! All I know is, if that ish happened to me, I would’ve been freaked out…no passport, foreign country/language, sketchy memory…I wouldn’t know what to do. See, ya always got to keep an I.D. on you, because you just never know what could and will happen and you don’t want to  en up being “UNKNOWN!” Go to the theater and watch it now…it’s Aubrey approved.

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