Painting With A Twist

Last Saturday night, we celebrated my dear friend and Deco Producer Odette’s birthday by getting our creative juices flowing at a new concept “store” called Painting with a Twist! I checked out the website before I went (they have locations in city’s all over the country), BUT honestly, I didn’t think I could really create a true masterpiece work of art!! LOL The idea is you bring a group of friends and your own wine..then paint, drink and be merry!!


Luckily we had a very patient master artist leading our class..he’s also a former Deco Producer..Eric! He asked if we had ever painted before, I thought about my childhood “paint by number” and water color sets….then I asked if murals/posters, etc.. for high school rallies count?? haha  I’m sure at some point I have painted even if it was an adolescent art class. Anyway, birthday girl Odette chose a moonlit ocean/palm tree scene, and step by step we each put paint on the canvass to make our own (re)creation!

This was really a fun way to hang out and feel artistic and use the other side of our brain…. 🙂 We learned different brush strokes, how to make colors and I’m happy to say everyone was able to complete the task!!


SEEE! Yes…I PAINTED THAT!!! And — here’s a closer look…

I can’t wait to hang it up in the closet!! j/k So, if you’re looking for something else to do on a fun night out with a twist…give this a try, PAINTING WITH A TWIST!! You will be amazed at what you can do, all by yourself!

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