Road Trip to JAX

T and I rolled out north on I-95 this weekend for an overnight trip to good ole Jacksonville…hehe! The mission of this adventure – catch Anjelah Johnson‘s show at Comedy Zone and visit with Cat! 🙂 And — Cat and I happened to coincidentally do a taupe/black color combo matching outfits thing…LOL


So, I’m happy to report we made it to her late show Friday night and shared lots of laughs!! Side Note – Comedy Zone is in a Ramada..totally random..and uh yeah, we KNEW we weren’t in Miami anymore! We got to sit in the “VIP” section, which was like a sky box at a sporting event…but then again, not really.


The next day we headed out to downtown Jacksonville to have lunch with our favorite comedienne and found this beautiful vessel, “KISMET,” docked along the St. John’s River. Not only is it one of the most beautiful luxury liners I have ever seen, but its name pretty much describes me and T…his Mom referred to us as exactly that…KISMET.

Kismet is a word meaning Fate or Destiny, a predetermined course of events.


Anyhoo, we scooped up Anjelah and headed over to Biscotti’s for lunch…GREAT PICK Cat…food was perfect! Then I opted for soft serve ice cream, while my 3 amigos went for froyo.

BTW, if you’re reading this and aren’t familiar with my girl Anjelah’s work…here’s a teaser video for a new song/video being released by her character, “Bon Qui Qui” …. I’M A CUT YOU

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