GNO: Justin Timberlake Concert

photo 3
I took a trip to the Bay Area this past weekend and it just so happened a group of my girlfriends were planning to all attend the Justin Timberlake concert for his current 20/20 Experience tour, in San Jose for a Girl’s Night Out (GNO)! It could also have been dubbed Mommy’s Night Out aka Mommy’s Gone Wild! haha! From pre-gaming at Mau’s place to catching the end of teh NFC Championship playoff at San Pedro Square…and the walk to SAP where the concert was being held…..FUN!!

At any rate, JT concert was fun…although I am so unfamiliar with his newer stuff, it really kinda made me feel “dated.” Good times for sure…thankful for the opportunity to get out with the ladies who’ve I’ve known for DECADES… Check out some of the photos from our night of shenanigan’s below.

Screen shot 2014-01-23 at 12.35.31 AMphoto 1photo 2

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