“Football Player” Dances with the Dance Team

16 08 2015

One of my good girlfriends in Arizona coaches the Sidewinders aka the Arizona Rattlers Dance Team and last night she shared a beyond awesome video with me of a performance during one of their arena football games. I started watching the video thinking her girls looked GREAT, dancing so clean and sharp…and then out of nowhere a “football player” – IN UNIFORM, jumps in and breaks it down…easily outshining the ladies! I told her this is too awesome not to share and she replied by telling me he was responsible for choreographing the whole routine too!! LOVE IT! Press play, you won’t regret it!



3 responses to ““Football Player” Dances with the Dance Team”

16 08 2015
Video: Arizona Rattlers Player Dances with the Dance Team | (21:07:19) :

[…] the video provided by Aubrey Aquino, the ladies started the routine off crazy, and then a Rattlers lineman took it home, killing the […]

17 08 2015
Talitha Haynes (17:12:00) :

OMG. They were great…. He made them look even better. I love it.

18 08 2015
nicole (15:59:13) :


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