The Dilemma

I watched “The Dilemma” the other night…and laughed! What can I say…Vince Vaughn and Kevin James are a fun pairing in this Chicago-set movie directed by Ron Howard. The story centers around a two guys who’ve been best friends since college and now are business partners trying to pull off a mega business deal. Vaughn is still single, while James is “happily” married. Well, as it turns out, James goes into workaholic mode and his wife, played by Winona Ryder, starts looking for love in other places… Now Vaughn who is preparing himself to propose to his girlfriend (Jennifer Connelly) inadvertently sees Winona fooling around with a hot young thing (Channing Tatum) and from there, “The Dilemma” begins. In true Vince Vaughn form, we are treated to his effortless ramblings and rants, make-believe stories and unassuming charm. It’s pretty funny to see how he handles the situation and it’s easy to put yourself in his shoes, because we’ve all been there at one point in our lives. On the one hand, it’s your BFF of course you need to say something, but sometimes there’s more than meets the eye and just when is it the RIGHT time to say something? And — please, don’t kill the messenger! Needless to say, “The Dilemma” starts affecting Vaughn’s behavior toward everyone around him and leads to several random and uncomfortably (funny) scenarios. I’d say this film is what you expect it to be, and it’ll be a fun trip to the theater.

Little Fockers

The Fockers are back for the Holidays…and this time they’ve got the “little ones!” I had a lot of fun at this movie….lots of laughs and careful designed, well written scripting lead you right into the punch line without being too cheesy or obvious! Ben Stiller, still nurse Focker and Robert DeNiro (obsessive, over protective/analytical Dad) continue their uncomfortable chemistry with the son-in-law/father-in-law dynamic. Owen Wilson maintains his out of this world (extravagant/idealistic) character, while Jessica Alba joins the cast to sex it up…as a vixen hot on Greg (Gaylord) Fockers heels. Barbara Streisand and Dustin Hoffman also return to play Stiller’s outrageous parents…now Grandma and Grandpa “Focker.” I’m not going to say a lot about the plot and story, but again, it’s a fun movie with just enough scenes to keep the laughs coming, while still offering a relate-able, realistic storyline. See it in the theater (great date movie), it didn’t disappoint and I liked it!!


The Clint Eastwood directed “Hereafter” starring Matt Damon hits theaters today. I checked out a preview earlier this week and while I didn’t LOVE was pretty interesting. The film explores glimpses of the “after-life” through 3 different story-lines of characters in three separate cities in the world, and the trio eventually collide. Each character is experiencing their own “unique” look into that world and each is troubled by it. I guess I shouldn’t say too much because then I’ll really give it away. Now, the movie does kind of just end, leaving you to wonder…okay, what’s next!?!? But, it’s not as much of a mind trip as Inception.

LDW 2010

Here’s a quick Labor Day Weekend 2010 recap. I kept it pretty low key…it started out with a trip to Chi-town for work, then I stayed an extra day to hang out in the windy city and catch up with my good friend Jess.

First up was a pink bus..that was the location for my story shoot…cute, right? What child would not want a part of this??

Then, I took the Metra to Union Station in Chicago to get up with Jess. It was her sister’s bday, so we grubbed on some Filipino food before going to the opening of her nephew’s new restaurant, Chikazawa.


The next day we went shopping in downtown, well actually it was just walking around and then we went by Akira and they were having a buy 2 pairs, get THREE pairs free sale! Serious?? So, that was too good to pass up…needless to say, I walked out with 3, she got 2! 🙂 We both got this pair below..funky, right? **note – even though the photo would make more sense rotated, that is my foot hanging off the armrest of a chair!**

It was a nice and relaxing in the Chi…we finished the night by heading out to the Icon movie theater where we had “VIP” seating and treatment when we went to see “The American.” Shouts to Mike over there for really taking care of us and hooking it up…drinks, food, dessert, strawberries…AND post-movie he gave us a bottle of champagne! Remember — this is at a movie theater! Wow.

I came back to rain in Miami, but that’s just how it is this time of year… and I did something I really don’t do anymore…go out in Miami Beach! I stepped out to DREAM Saturday night for Jae Millz (Miami) Birthday celebration…and it was a lot of fun!


Millzy (clearly) had a great time too! To see more of his DREAM BDay party pix go to


The rest of the weekend was pretty much spent sleeping…and now, back to the grind!

Step Up 3D

I should probably preface this entry by saying I was pretty indecisive on whether or not to go see this screening. I had just caught Step Up 2 on TV last week and even though that one was pretty painful, I figured why not! At the very least I’ll see some great dancing. Okay, so all that to say… that is two hours of my life I’ll never get back! lol Within the first few moments it was obvious the story was gonna be super cheesy and very forced. The film tries way too hard to be “cool” and to me it comes off very silly. I don’t know if it’s just me getting “old” or being out of it…but the dance battles I remember were never like the ones in the movie and I doubt they’re like that now. So, maybe this film would be better off in a fantasy or sci-fi category! I’m not sure it needed to be 3D, but I guess they needed a gimmick to sell it. I’m sure there was lots of GREAT choreography going on, but again, just too much was happening where you couldn’t even see the full choreo to focus or the camera angles just kept changing up so it was hard to follow. I’m probably old school when watching dance, but I love to see the formations and technique too. Yes, this is a “teenie booper” type flick and I probably should’ve just skipped it altogether… It’s SUPER cheesy with the contrived storyline and lack of chemistry with the actors. And, in addition to the 3D gimmick, the effects came off funny to me too. It was just too “silly” for me!


Inception…where do I begin!?!? This film is a complex, fantasmic (yes, I’m making up this word because ‘fantasy’ is not enough), mind-blowing ride that put my brain to the test. I went into this screening without really knowing anything about it, so instead of sitting back to relax and simply “watch” the film…I was sucked into a layered story where the lines between reality, fantasy and dream are blurred form the jump! It’s tough to answer the question “Is it good?” I mean, it’s a crazy wild ride that will have your wheels turning from start to end. Leonardo DiCaprio did a GREAT job in the leading role, paying this expert (mind) “extractor” who is battling his own issues within his mind and subconscious. There is action and a sense of adventure, fantasy and suspense…weaved in with a love story and action-filled scenes. There are some very cool special effects too, but I think it’s the unthinkable, yet believable story line that makes it so great! It’s an uber crazy concept about our dreams and the power of the mind while we sleep… I do have a few dream books that I’ll look at from time to time to maybe help me understand what last night’s dream was all about, but Inception introduces ideas and takes imagination to a whole ‘nother level. It feels like any dream you’ve had on any given night that felt so real, but when you wake up you realize it never even happened! Joseph Gordon-Levitt co-stars in this film as DiCaprio’s right hand, he’s come a long way from 10 Things I Hate About You! I also enjoyed the beautifully sweet Marion Cotilliard from Public Enemies, who is also in the film as DiCaprio’s wife who’s sort of caught in the “matrix.” Overall it is a wonderful film, so original and thought-provoking, compared to what’s been out as of late. My best advice is to literally go into it with a clear head, cuz this movie had my head (and thoughts) spinning for hours after exiting the theater!

Sorcerer’s Apprentice

I checked out Disney’s Sorcerer’s Apprentice last week…it opens today in theaters. First of all I really Enjoy Nicholas Cage movies from Con Air to Face Off, the National Treasure series and When Peggy Sue Got Married, etc…. he’s a great actor! This film does not disappoint, it’s another great Disney film, fun and full of magic and fantasy. The only part I had trouble with was the shift from a medieval time frame with Merlin to modern day NYC where magic seems so much more commercialized…and the film poked fun at that too. Jay Baruchel from “She’s Out of My League” does a great job of playing the nerdy, geeky apprentice…who comes into his sorcery and eventually “mans up!”  So all in all, I liked it. It was fun.



WOW! Dwyane Wade is staying, Chris Bosh has arrived and LeBron James is on his way! Who would’ve ever predicted a year ago that these 3 All-Stars would be playing for the Miami HEAT!?

While Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade had made their Miami announcement yesterday…I wasn’t convinced LBJ would be joining them. I guess in my heart (and being an NBA fan,) I couldn’t help but think LeBron in NYC was best for the game…plus I like the Knicks coaching staff (PHX alums) – BUT I am happy he’s in Miami and going to play for the HEAT!


I drove by the American Airlines Arena shortly after the announcement where fans were honking and celebrating in the streets…they also had the ESPN special airing on the gigantic mesh screen on the front of the arena… The news vans were stacked up along Biscayne BLVD and there is a vibe of new life in the Magic City air!

So, it seems South Beach will now be HOTTER than ever..and maybe I gotta figure out a way to stay…honestly I had felt like I had outgrown Miami, but this is incentive to try and grow my role with the HEAT and HEAT TV. Regardless, expect to see me and my boy Burnie in the stands come game time! 🙂