I just got back from the Miami Premiere of NOTORIOUS. Kelly Rowland, DJ Irie, Qwote, T.O. and some of the Miami Dolphins in attendance along with yours truly. I actually saw Billy Joel exiting the theater as I entered…wonder what he watched! Anyway, I enjoyed the film and learned a few things about BIG I didn’t know. Great casting – the likeness’ of most of the characters was dead on…Derek Luke had Puff down…especially the dancing! The music was HOT…brought me back to those feel good days in the 90’s at SJSU. Now where were you when you heard “It was all a dream, I used to read Word Up magazine.” Actually Biggie came to San Jose State, and I remember he had a signing in the Student Union, Juicy had just come out at that time…wow, I’m dating myself! lol Anyway, NOTORIOUS opens up this Friday, I say if you love HIP HOP…go see it!

***Note – I forgot to mention that the theater was in South Beach and before we could enter the NOTORIOUS screening we were subjected to a (bag) search – not unusual when they’re making sure we’re not trying to make bootleg copies…but Metal Detectors too?!?! They said it was a “special” movie! I wonder what exactly that means? Thanks Cherisse for reminding me to point that out!*** 


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  1. I don’t even remember Biggie being at SJSU.

    I won’t be able to see it this weekend, but I’m definitely going to see it.

    It didn’t seem that he had a very big part but how did Anthony Mackie do as Tupac? I think the main reason I want to see the film is because I want to hear all the songs on the big screen and in the theater sound system.

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