6 10 2011

PICK ME! I want to be @VirginAtlantic‘s #RedHotReporter for the NFL International Series in London!! First off, I am a FAN, I grew up on football and even had the honor of gracing the NFL sidelines as a pro cheerleader for 2 NFL teams, taking my “fan status” to another level. I know all about the game, the experience and I’m still an unofficial “ambassador” for the NFL, being recognized as an alumni of the elite group of women who have cheered as team representatives and ultimate fans from the NFL sidelines! Alright…going into the archives for the throwback pics…RAIDERS and CARDINALS!

Outside of my “dance and cheer” background, I have been working as a TV reporter since I graduated from college, so that’s what I do, ask questions, observe and tell stories/share info with the masses!

I have my personal blog and website http://aubreyaquino.com which is sort of my online resume…but is also my forum to share the things I do, like and find interesting…like “behind the scenes” info with my friends, family and beyond! I tweet @aubreyanne have a youtube http://www.youtube.com/miaubrey and we can’t forget the FB page! http://facebook.com/aubreyaquino >>> SOCIAL MEDIA SAVVY enough?? :)

I have also taken my love for reporting and sports one step further by creating and hosting On The Flipside …a Sports Lifestyle show featuring Pro Sports/Athletes and entertainment away from the game, and it’s another way for me to connect with the fans and share the “flipside” of sports they may not normally see! http://ontheflipsidetv.com I could do a London episode!! :)

There are several other channels for OTF:

Twitter – @ontheflipsidetv
Facebook – http://facebook.com/ontheflipsidetv
Youtube – http://www.youtube.com/FlipsideSpx
Vimeo – http://vimeo.com/ontheflipsidetv
blip – http://blip.tv/OnTheFlipsideTV
blinkx – http://www.blinkx.com/channel/OnTheFlipside

Between my twitter(s), FB pages, blogs, channels, etc…I have several thousand followers, I’ve accumulated hundreds of thousands of video views… and I’ve built all this up by my own grassroots efforts! I AM Virgin Atlantic’s #REDHOTREPORTER!! NFL Football is part of my life – to date (aside from being part of the game day experience as an NFL cheerleader), I’ve attended numerous games across the country and have journeyed to the Pro Bowl in Hawaii too, in addition to reporting on games/fans as a TV reporter! This opportunity would be an absolute dream for me to be in London and share the experience with everyone as the Official #RedHotReporter!!! If there’s anything I do well, it’s talking (a lot), tweeting and giving out the 411!

And — let’s not forget this little “sports fan” experience I took part in for ESPN! Click play below!

One more thing Virgin – I fly you coast to coast ALL THE TIME! Check my elevate account…AND I took the inaugural flight from FLL -SFO … SOOOO, why not? PICK ME!!!


***Friends – PLEASE TWEET THE LINK  to my entry http://aubreyaquino.com/2011/10/redhotreporter/ to @VirginAtlantic for @aubreyanne to be the #RedHotReporter AND COMMENT ON THIS POST BELOW!! Let them know why I’m the absolute PERFECT #RedHotReporter



58 responses to “#RedHotReporter”

6 10 2011
odette (15:17:00) :

Aubrey would be awesome for this job, she’s a world traveler and knows all about football.. as a matter of fact, sports is her life… she started “On the Flipside” because there are no other sport entertainment shows that incorporate both sports and funky celeb things. Virgin you won’t go wrong if you hire Aubrey.

6 10 2011
Justin (20:10:53) :

Good luck & I hope you win SINCE YOU ARE THE BEST! :)

6 10 2011
Cherisse (21:04:32) :

Aubrey would definitely be the ideal reporter for this position. Not only is she passionate about sports, specifically football, she has an extensive background in reporting. If you want personality as well as knowledge of the game…Aubrey is your pick!

6 10 2011
Shawanda (21:22:16) :

Hope you win……good luck!

6 10 2011
kerry mack (21:36:23) :

You are the most amazing woman and you shine like a bright light! The ultimate proffesional in everything you do . But not to the point were you cant see your vibrant personality!! Picking this woman to represent is something she will make you proud you did!!

6 10 2011
Mickey Crawford-Carnegie (21:49:48) :

Aubrey would be the perfect choice as the reporter. She knows the game, is smart, and beautiful inside and out. She’s your total package!!

6 10 2011
Mike Wolfe (22:06:46) :

Aubrey Aquino should be the top choice to Virgin Atlantic’s Red Hot Reporter for the NFL International Series in London. She has a stellar background as a broadcast journalist at several major market news stations here in the US and has proven herself as a fantastic host on her own sports and entertainment show ‘On The Flipside’. Her work portfolio is solid, diverse and speaks for itself. She’s beautiful, smart, engaging and has the personality and drive to capture the viewers attention and bring credibility to the program all while keeping the entertainment value as well. Beauty, brains and personality, easy choice!

6 10 2011
Rose (23:26:28) :

Aubrey is the ultimate professional reporter with many years of experience in news reporting, interviews with athletes and celebrities, and a very impressive resume. Aubrey has the rare ability of making the interviewee feel very important and brings out the very best in them. Her emphasis is always on the person being interviewed, not on herself. She is very engaging and makes the audience feel they are right there with her. She is very comfortable in front of the camera and exudes a rare charm and charisma. Her delivery and storytelling are impeccable. You should pick her as Virgin Atlantic’s red hot reporter!

7 10 2011
Cheryl Duddy Schoenfeld (08:00:25) :

Aubrey would be wonderful as your reporter. Not only does she have the beauty . . . she has the brains and the talent. Great on-air presence and a fabulous smile enhance her knowledge and understanding of the game.

Aubrey shows that cheerleaders are tough not just fluff!

She would represent all cheerleaders (current and alumni) with dignity and
pride. As a former professional cheerleader I would be pleased to have Aubrey as THE Reporter!

7 10 2011
Princess - NY Fashionista Examiner (09:19:48) :

Aubrey is the epitome of charisma, charm and intelligence. Her personality and NFL knowledge make her THE perfect candidate for this position. You will receive nothing but excellence by choosing her to represent Virgin Atlantic for this gig!

7 10 2011
Ron Pragides (10:57:43) :

Aubrey seems like the perfect fit for the #RedHotReporter with her background on the NFL sidelines and reporting experience. She is passionate about both, and will represent the brand well. What more could you ask for?

7 10 2011
RAY (11:19:12) :

Aubrey Aquino is the best person for the Virgin Atlantic Red Hot Report. she has the warmest and most friendliest smile , Along with the sweetest personality any person has. Her love for the NFL go’s a long way , As a former Oakland Raiderette and a Arizona Cardinal cheerleader , she seen and been around sports espeacilly football. She can be seen hosting ” on the flipside ” a entertianment / sports show were she does several interviews. I know she would make a great reporter and bring the fans the type of interviews from players they want to see and hear. Hands down !!! Aubrey Aquino is your reporter.

7 10 2011
Kristin Medwick (11:26:58) :

Aubrey would be a great fit for the RedHotReporter! She is very professional and has a great look! My vote is for Aubrey!

7 10 2011
Taryn (11:34:29) :

Aubrey, you would be the perfect rep for #redhotreporter. You are a stand out reporter, I’ve enjoyed following your career. GOOD LUCK!

7 10 2011
Cybill (11:36:25) :

Hope you will Aubrey! A world traveler & knowledge of the game….what else do you need. Best wishes!

7 10 2011
Dinah (12:18:21) :

Aubrey has it all…educated sports fan, intelligence, beauty, poise, the voice and marketability! She’s GOT my vote….get in the game, VOTE for AUBREY!

7 10 2011
Monica Devlin (13:03:13) :

Aubrey IS the Red Hot Reporter. Smarts, style, looks, wit and panache. Vote for Aubrey!

7 10 2011
Kim (13:09:49) :

Aubrey would be perfect for this opportunity! She has the strength, the knowledge, the experience, and personality to get this job done!! I’ve known Aubrey for almost my entire life.. and she has been a true football fan since we were kids. She definitely has my vote for the Red Hot Reporter! :) Go AUBREY!!

7 10 2011
Alicia (13:50:21) :

Aubrey is the perfect host for this! Look at all her work, it speaks for itself. She’s a great person, dedicated, hard working and a woman of her words. You would be silly to not choose her!

7 10 2011
NEPC Alumni member (17:19:31) :

NFL cheerleaders are not picked for their beauty alone, but their drive, talent, education and professionalism. Having handled the demands of working with two NFL teams and with her extensive broadcast experience, Aubrey seems like the perfect fit for Virgin.
Best of Luck

7 10 2011
Adrienne (19:54:07) :

Aubrey has my vote! Who wouldn’t choose her? She is beautiful, talented, experienced in the industry, and knows her stuff when it comes to sports! Aubrey wouldn’t let you down as the Red Hot Reporter for the NFL International Series in London!

7 10 2011
Realm Aquino (20:28:13) :

Aubrey definitely knows her football! She has the experience, both on the field as a former cheerleader and as a reporter. She definitely deserves to be the Red Hot Reporter for the NFL International Series! And she’s an Aquino! =)

8 10 2011
Holly (12:14:28) :

Aubrey IS a Red Hot Reporter already! Her experience in this industry makes her the perfect choice…on the field as a cheerleader for two NFL Teams AND as a reporter.

8 10 2011
Miranda (13:34:31) :

Aubrey is the perfect choice for red hot reporter! I hope you get it girl.

8 10 2011
ed. aquinde (15:06:43) :

listen up Virgin, you can’t go wrong in choosing Aubrey A., i’ve known her for a long time and she’s passionate about her fields of sports,lifestyle,travel,reporting and all around person next door. she is genuine and for real. again, she’ll be an asset to virgin.

8 10 2011
Pattae (18:37:18) :

Aubrey would make an excellent reporter as she has been raised on football and went on to cheer for the game. How much more experience can one get. Besides, she is prettier than her conterparts (brains and beauty)

8 10 2011
GG (19:11:50) :

You should win if only for being on the inaugural Beg, Borrow, and Deal season. Historic!

8 10 2011
john (19:22:17) :

Aubrey would be great because she is a fan of football, understands the game and brings passion to everything she does. She’s awesome

8 10 2011
Kebba (19:40:34) :

You’ll win because you’re supposed to win. That’s what happens when talent meets dedication. You’ve got this!!!!

CONGRATS ahead of time.

8 10 2011
REX DARLING (19:52:54) :

Aubrey is a reporter that is always up for any challenge from the streets of Miami to the field of any football game. She has the right spirit and takes her job from her heart.

8 10 2011
A.d. Bordeaux (21:54:57) :

Aubrey is perfect for this job. Just check out all her past experiences.

8 10 2011
Aaron C. (22:04:27) :

Aubrey is the best in the business, she is the hottest red hot reporter!!!!

8 10 2011
Aaron C. (22:05:53) :

Aubrey is the best

8 10 2011
Rowena (22:06:30) :

This is the perfect fit for Aubrey! Reporting and Sports are her passions. Not only is she smart, beautiful, talented, dedicated and adventurous, but she is sincere. Truly a good person. She never gives up! She has been a wonderful friend to me since middle school and now a role model, Auntie to my kids. So excited for you Aubrey!

9 10 2011
Andre Samuel (20:17:12) :

Vote Aubrey Aquino the NFL International Reporter. She’s a skilled reporter as anyone here in Miami can attest. Aubrey was a excellent entertainment reporter/correspondent on the “Deco Drive” show! She’ll definitely be asset to Virgin Atlantic and the NFL as well!

9 10 2011
Jun Nucum (21:31:41) :

Aubrey, being half-Filipina, exemplifies the best in a Filipina known all over with her beauty and brains… she will give her best to whatever she will be involved in be it at Virgin Atlantic, the NFL or both…

9 10 2011
Bari (21:39:09) :

Pick Aubrey for the ‘RED HOT” reporter! She has covered some of my charities events and always does a fantastic job!! Go Aubrey!!

9 10 2011
paula schlue (22:09:10) :

Aubrey is more than knowledgable when it comes to football history, statistics and the present game. She would be the perfect girl for NFL interntional reporter. GO AUBREY!! CHEERS!!

10 10 2011
Ray Valles (01:19:50) :

Aubrey Aquino is the Virgin Atlantic Red Hot Reporter. Her passion for life and for sports , especially football is like no other. As I mention in my other post , she has the warmest and most friendliest smile. As a former Oakland Raiderette and a Arizona Cardinal cheerleader she been around football. She host a show called ” on the flipside ” where she does interviews. She been a bay area reporter covering all kinds of assignments. I know she will give you the type of reporting you are looking for and will bring the fans the type of interviews they want see and hear. No dout she is your Virgin Atlantic Red Hot Reporter.

10 10 2011
Alison (01:21:50) :

Pick Aubrey for the Red Hot Reporter! She absolutely loves football and knows all about the game! Plus she’s a very experienced reporter so she’s perfect for this job!

10 10 2011
Marisa Mendez (10:08:16) :

I can’t think of a more perfect candidate! You ARE the #RedHotReporter!!

10 10 2011
ninoy lucero (10:48:38) :

You can’t go wrong with Aubrey ‘coz she is very talented in her profession in the field of reporting. Her passion and experience in sports, NFL in particular made her popular. I have been watching a lot of her sports celebrity interviews and they are really awesome!

10 10 2011
Erica (11:25:41) :

Aubrey has the experience needed for this job opportunity, on so many levels. She’s a pro and would be a smart pick.

10 10 2011
Karl Brown (12:46:27) :

Aubrey is a seasoned professional when it comes to coverage of sports. From local television coverage in Oregon & Arizona to “ON THE FLIPSIDE”, Aubrey has shown that she is more than qualified to be @VirginAtlantic’s #RedHotReporter for the NFL International Series in London, England. And as an Oakland Raiders fan, it is truly an honor to call Aubrey my “Raider Nation Sister”!

10 10 2011
naomi (13:06:11) :

aubrey is your gal! she is blessed with the talent and passion that makes her the right fit for the job!!! go aubrey!!! woohoo!

10 10 2011
Maureen (14:24:07) :

Aubrey you’d be a perfect fit for the RedHotReporter! With all of your experience and your passion for sports..hope you get it! Best of luck!

10 10 2011
Cat (16:44:01) :

I am thrilled and excited that Aubrey entered this contest. This is not just a contest to her but her life and passion. She is graceful at what she does in front of the camera and behind the scenes. People, fans, friends, and followers have seen her from Miami to San Francisco covering the latest and greatest anywhere from entertainment and fashion to sports and current affairs. Good luck Aubrey!!!

10 10 2011
Jon D (19:26:34) :

Aubrey you got my vote…I hope you get it gurl!!!

10 10 2011
paulskeee (19:43:36) :

AubreyAquino is THE person for the JOB Virgin Atlantic!!

10 10 2011
Amber (19:57:16) :

You’ve got my vote girl!!!

10 10 2011
paulskeee (20:14:27) :

AUBREYAQUINO = the choice!

10 10 2011
Mike (20:24:42) :

Aubrey would be a fantastic choice to be Virgin Atlantic’s Redhot Reporter. She has tons of enthusiasm, works super hard, is well-liked and does great on camera. You can’t do better than Aubrey.

10 10 2011
Tiffany (22:31:30) :

Aubrey’s the ONLY choice! The best woman for the job!!!

10 10 2011
Mike Garilli (22:37:43) :

I met Aubrey a few years ago judging the Miami Dolphins Cheerleader tryouts and we’ve been friends ever since. Yes Aubrey is beautiful, talented, hard working, a football freak, and an excellent reporter. The thing about Aubrey that stands out for me though is her professionalism. I can’t think of anyone better to represent Virgin Atlantic and the NFL as THE RedHotReporter! Go Aubrey!

10 10 2011
claire (23:38:14) :

Aubrey will do an excellent job with all the knowledge & experience she has!

11 10 2011
abe (03:18:42) :

Miss Aubrey Aquino will be the ideal candidate to represent Virgin Atlantic as the RedHotReporter during the NFL Series in London. She is a great example of beauty & brains who has cheered her teams from the sidelines and as a current reporter, she has extensive experience covering athletes lives outside of football. She has traveled the World probably on Virgin Atlantic. And she does a good rendition of the Queen’s Wave. So I hope you pick Aubrey… =)

13 10 2011
Aubrey (01:06:35) :

A BIG, HUGE, GINORMOUS THANK YOU to everyone who took a minute to leave a thoughtful comment on my blog!! Your efforts have proven fruitful…and I WON!! I AM THE RED HOT REPORTER!!! Love you all!! Big hugs..xoxoxoxo

18 10 2011
chandra (14:36:34) :

Congratulations!!! im sorrry im seeing this so late!!!

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