Into the Rafters


The Miami HEAT honored Tim Hardaway at the 2009-10 NBA Season home opener by retiring his #10 jersey into the rafters! Now, I didn’t go to the game for that purpose, but I sort of grew up on Timmy since he did so much for my beloved hometown Golden State Warriors, so it was cool to be there and experience it, considering I don’t think they showed it on TV!

Actually, it’s sort of hard for me to think of him as a HEAT guy, because to me, when I think Tim Hardaway, I think Golden State WARRIORS – you know Run TMC…the McDonald’s “Tim and Chris” burger or was it “Chris and Tim” Burger!?! lol



They held the ceremony before tip-off of the NY Knicks vs. Miami Heat game, and there were several notables present on the floor surrounding him, like Chris Mullin and Alonzo Mourning, who also happens to be the only other HEAT player to have a jersey hanging in AAA! They also produced a great video reel of Tim, highlighting his NBA career and raised a HUGE jersey up, along with confetti and a standing ovation!


I attended the game with a few of my Miami crew. Shouts to Rene who was a soldier coming to the game, even though she has to get up for that early morning (news) shift at 3am!


One more thing…can I just say I <3 the HEAT Street Band!? I really enjoy their live music and tonight they had us “Swag and Surf!” You gotta luv it! 🙂

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  1. Run TMC forever! Those were the BEST times of the GSW! Wish we could bring ’em back. How come Golden State hasn’t retired Hardaway’s number? Actually, why haven’t they retired Chris Mullin’s number 17???

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