My Cameo…that almost was…

So, I recently had an opportunity to make a cameo as a red carpet reporter in the music video for Timbaland’s new song “Say Something” featuring Drake, on Shock Value 2.

I know the role was a bit of a stretch, but somehow I managed to pull it off! Needless to say, only my lovely locks (i.e. hair) made the final cut of the video, but I did get some good face time in the “Behind the Scenes/Making Of” video…starting around the 4:09 mark.

Here are some screen grabs of my “red carpet” scene….

picture-2 picture-3 picture-9 picture-8 picture-7 picture-6

Shouts out to Kimi for hooking up my makeup for the shoot and Cherisse who also played my “chaperone” at the shoot..and of course Derick G who put me on!


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